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Billie and the 

Outback Dinosaurs

Two hundred and thirty million years ago, the world of the dinosaurs was called Pangea - a landmass that covered half the Earth until it broke into two super-continents - Laurasia and Gondwana, which then broke into even more pieces, the largest of which was the island continent of Australia.  Then, a great asteroid smashed into the Earth. And this started the Ice Age!
And just like that, the dinosaurs were gone. Extinct. At least that’s what Mrs Chalkmore taught her Year 4 class; and only one of her students knew that she was completely and utterly wrong - a girl called Billie.

You're listening to The Ice Age from
Billie and the Outback Dinosaurs

Composed by Geoff Willis 

Arranged by Richard Linton

Book by Tim Ferguson & Chris Thompson

Edited by David Willis

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