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First Meeting 2011
Geoff Willis, Tim Ferguson and David Willis discuss a new and exciting project - "Billie and the Dinosaurs".
Geoff and Tim
The composer, Geoff Willis and the author, Tim Ferguson, discussing their joint project - "Billie and the Dinosaurs" at Tim's home in Sydney.
June 2016.
David, Tim & Geoff
The boys' 3rd meeting in Sydney to discuss the story, music and educational package for "Billie and the Dinosaurs".
Serious Discussions
Tim and Geoff in serious discussions about the debut production of "Billie and the Dinosaurs".
Sydney, June 2016
After DAAS!
Geoff and Dave Willis catch up with Tim Ferguson after his performance with the "Doug Anthony All Stars" in Melbourne - 2015.
Lots to Smile About
Tim Ferguson and David Willis discuss the Educational Package of "Billie and the Dinosaurs".
June 2016.
Coffee & Chatter
Tim listening to David narrating his adaption of "Billie and the Dinosaurs" for the Children's Storybook.
Glebe - June 2016
The Boys Meet MFC CEO!
Kathleen Grant, CEO from Music for Canberra meets with Geoff, Tim and David in Sydney - June 2016.
Matt, Kate & Kathleen
Matt with ANU School Manager, Kate Bisshop Witting and Kathleen Grant from Music for Canberra excited to hear the news of "Billie and the Dinosaurs".
Mandy Books Hall
Mandy makes the booking for the "Billie and the Dinosaurs" Music for Canberra debut at Llewellyn Hall for December 2018.
Musical Team
Composer, Geoff Willis and Music Arranger, Richard Linton play a musical piece from "Billie" at the Melbourne Arts Learning Festival - May 2017.
Composer & Arranger
Composer, Geoff Willis and Arranger, Richard Linton, play a piece for the young audience at the Melbourne Arts Learning Festival - May 2017.
Music Mates!
Composer, Geoff and Arranger, Richard - exchange musical ideas over coffee.
Dinosaurs are Fun!
A group of young students enjoy trying out the activities from the "Billie" Education Package.
Arts Learning Festival - May 2017.
Let's Learn Drums!
Geoff Willis teaches an enthusiastic group of visiting students how easy it is to play the drums.
Melbourne Arts Learning Festival - May 2017.
Tim's "Body Guards"!
Tim Ferguson always feels safe when he's with his mates and co-writers, David and Geoff Willis.
Melbourne Arts Learning Festival - May 2017.
Big Band Blows
Melbourne audiences were treated to a music selection from "Billie and the Dinosaurs" played by the Melbourne Grammar Big Band under the baton of Mr Colin Doley.
Melbourne Arts Festival - May 2017.
Sydney Dinosaur Festival!
Tim, David and Geoff performed "Billie" to three sellout audiences at Sydney's Australian Museum - 23rd September to 8th August 2017.
Museum Relics?
David and Geoff Willis are excited to be presenting "Billie" at the Australian Museum.
Audience Enters
The audience enters the Australian Museum Theatre as Tim and Geoff prepare for another sellout show.
A Real Dinosaur?
It's amazing what Tim and Geoff discover in the corridors of the Australian Museum!
Sydney, August/September 2017.
Billie & the Dinosaurs
"Wanna play soccer rock?" Billie asks the Australovenator.
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
A Meteor Strikes!
Did this huge meteor start the Ice Age that made the dinosaurs extinct?
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
The Koolasuchas
It's amazing what Billie finds at the water's edge - a Koolasuchas!
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
It's a Race!
Billie has a race with the speedy Timimus.
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
S C A R Y ! ! !
All the dinosaurs were scared of the giant Australovenator.
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
Billie makes friends with the Muttaburrasaurus.
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
The Flying Pterosaur!
The Pterosaur helps Billie solve a huge problem.
Illustration by Mark Ryan.
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