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The Concept


Billie and the Outback Dinosaurs is a totally new and original Australian performance piece for a Narrator and Symphony Orchestra created by Tim Ferguson and Geoff Willis.


The 45 minute performance has a similar style to Prokofiev's ‘Peter & The Wolf’.  

Although originally composed for Symphony Orchestra, it is also suitable for Youth Orchestras.


Billie and the Dinosaurs is aimed at audiences aged 5-12 but is also a very entertaining piece for everyone. 

The Story

Billie is an outback Australian girl who runs away from school bullies.  She falls through a mysterious waterfall and discovers a world of dinosaurs – Australian dinosaurs including the Muttaburrasaurus, Mythunga Camara, Australovenator and many more.  Trouble starts when the dinosaurs follow Billie home to eat the bullies…

Story Written by Tim Ferguson & Chris Thompson (Edited by David Willis)


Music Composed by Geoff Willis


Music Arrangements by Richard Linton

Educational Package by David Willis

(including Student Workbook covering seven subject areas
and a beautifully illustrated Children's Storybook)


Orchestras - Interested in Staging "Billie"?  A score, script & education material are available for your perusal.

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